Thanks to a network of dedicated and passionate animal lovers, Ruff Start Rescue has helped find homes for neglected, stray and abandoned animals throughout Minnesota and beyond.

Ruff Start Rescue Ruff Start Rescue was created in 2010 by a 23 year old animal lover, Azure Davis. After realizing her small town didn’t have all the resources necessary to assist animals in need, the Princeton, Minnesota resident decided to do something about it and Ruff Start Rescue was born. The rescue finds home for cats and dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other furry friends in need of help.

Thor:  One of the many cute friends available at Ruff Start Rescue
Thor is one of the many furry friends looking for his furever home.

The no-kill rescue does not operate a shelter, instead volunteers work tirelessly to find foster homes to keep the rescued animals in until forever homes can be found. Volunteers thoroughly vet each prospective foster home to make sure that they will be able to provide the care and attention that each animal deserves.

Besides placing animals in safe and happy homes, Ruff Start Rescue also runs programs to help the community understand the importance of animal rescue and responsibility. Their Kid’s Education Program focuses on teaching children from pre-school to middle school ages about how to be caring and responsible pet owners. They also have a Prison Program that places dogs waiting for homes with inmates who have completed an application and training process. Dogs are given everything they would have in a regular foster home, including love and companionship.

How you can help Ruff Start Rescue

Adopt: There are hundreds of adorable animals that would love to run with you, watch TV with you, make you laugh, keep you company and be your best friend. Check out the slide show to see a few of the lovable animals ready to join your family or visit the Ruff Start Rescue website to see all of the available animals waiting patiently for their forever homes.

Ruff Start Rescue is a Foster Based Rescue

Foster: If you aren’t able to adopt, why not open your home temporarily to an animal in need while Ruff Start Rescue finds a forever home for her or him. Ruff Start can only help the animals that they have space for, and there is always a need for more foster care givers. Fosters will not only receive the support and supplies needed to bring an animal into their homes, they’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing they are keeping an animal safe and happy while they wait for their forever home.

Sponsor or Donate: For those who are unable to foster or adopt, you can still help out an animal you fall in love with online by sponsoring him or her. Sponsors can help with the costs of getting a rescued animal healthy and ready for adoption. They will receive a thank you card, a picture and updates of the animal being sponsored, and honorable mention on the pet’s profile.

Volunteer: Ruff Start Rescue is run solely by an amazing group of volunteers. The rescue is always in need of people to help with a variety of tasks such as administrative support, event planning, grooming and training, adoption and intake. For a full list of volunteer opportunities, please visit the Ruff Start Rescue website.